Traveling with your friends

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Planning a trip with your gang for the first time?

 They are your friends, of course, you share many interests; playing basketball on weekends, singing Karaoke at your favorite local bar together yet you haven’t traveled together. To save yourself from turning the trip you had daydreamed together into a collective nightmare here is a checklist.

How you are going to split the expenses.

Keep a journal of not only precious memories you will be taking home but also the expenses. Split the bill equally to remain friends even after the trip. Consider the budget of other people in the group. Everything should be discussed beforehand. Not everyone is comfortable staying in Hostels or dorns. Some have the money, or simply they are willing to spend on a fancy five-star hotel room. You, on the other hand, want to travel on a budget by cutting on the cost of lodging.

Also, consider do you have the same level of stamina. You could be an adventure enthusiast, but your friends might be couch potatoes.


Trips with you

Assign duties of bookings and reservations:

Assign duties of booking a hotel, reservations after a discussion with your friends.

Does your budget match?

Ask your friends what the minimum amount of money they are willing to chip in, also the maximum is. Then plan your journey accordingly.

What is one place that you both would love to visit?

Discuss the list of places you have made. But due to a shortage of time or the budget, you can’t visit them all. For these situations either choosing voting or have a conversation. Maintain cordial relations.

What are your expectations from each other?

Do you want to take the lead, be the one who plans out everything in advance for your next day or simply follow what others are suggesting? Don’t be afraid to make little sacrifices.

The group activities you can do for fun

  • Clubbing: Clubbing is more fun when you are doing it with your friends in a totally new city. You can shake a leg, learn new dance moves while being in a new city/town.

  • Playing beachside handball- Apart from su basking, swimming you can play with your buddies a handball, fesbie.

  • Play various sports- Do bungee jumping, river rafting or go for trekking.

  • Local fair games- Visit local fairs. Try their wine they make their it is cheap as well as a treat for your taste buds.

  • Join cooking classes- learn how to make ethnic cuisines. It will strengthen the bond you share. Going back at home you can make the same food you learned.

  • Yoga classes- Do yoga with your tribe. On beachside as well at hostels they offer free yoga classes.

Conclusion: Save your rear by planning and discussing most of the things prior to your trip and make golden memories. Remember not everyone is lucky enough togo on a trip with their favourite people. Always look at the Brightside. And willing to make small sacrifices. Be more vocal while being sensitive.