Traveling being an elderly person

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Age is just a number; don’t let your age be a bar between you and the places you want to visit. After all, earning and saving all these years, now, it is time to slow down things. Plan a holy dip in the Ganges with your soulmate, do some vipassana or maybe sip Darjeeling tea with a view of tea gardens, explore Kerala beaches and bask in the sunlight.

Below are some useful tips to make your trips fuss free –

Be more Patient, match their pace

You are traveling with elderly persons, patience is crucial, don’t rush things. Take things as per their pace so that they could enjoy the most without thinking of traveling as a tiring task. To give them self-reliance and lessen the dependency, carry their sticks or walkers.

Senior citizen discounts

Airlines, buses, and hotels sometimes offer a discount for older persons. They even give complimentary goodies like traveling pillows to appease their guests. It will help you curb expenses you can use this money to visit more places, perks of being elderly and retired is you can go on vacations for as long as you want.

Go for non-stop bus travel.

To make the journey free of hassle book the trains that are non-stop.

Wear minimal Jewelry/ expensive items

Try to wear minimum jewelry as much as possible; you will be more relaxed and less concerned like that. Wearing heavy jewelry and carrying expensive items draws undesired attention. There is absolutely no point of carrying such items. Also, keep a minimum amount of cash, and rely more on your cards.



Disability assistance

When you book a hotel tick on disability assistance so that when you arrive at check in the hotel will keep a wheelchair and an assistant ready. Planning is the key, do some research before booking hotels; choose the ones that have elevators. Try to book a room on the ground floor.


Make a small first-aid box; carry all the necessary medication along with you. Be it your asthma pump, sleeping pills, BP tablets, volini spray, etc. Pack diapers if you think there won’t be enough time to use washrooms.

 Mindful eating and hygiene

Eating foreign cuisine can easily upset your stomach, refrain from eating street food altogether. Try eating the same famous local cuisine at a good quality restaurant as the spicy, oily can lead to high blood pressure and other health issues. Be mindful of what you eat. Let the waiter know about the possible food allergies.

Carry some literature

To kill time as well as gain some knowledge buy some magazines or books. The books can be related to the history of the places you are going to visit, their culture or simply lifestyle magazines.

Do take one travel and health insurance. Keep some cash spare, hidden in a pocket that is not visible on the outside. You just follow the above-mentioned tips it will certainly make the trip for you a lot easier. Wish you happy journey!!!